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How to print my digital sheet music ?

What's a digital sheet music ?

  • More than a PDF, digital sheet music allow you to read, play, transpose music, change the tempo and of course print.
  • Digital sheet music cannot be 'downloaded'. You print them straight from your account with Sibelius Cloud Publishing (html5) or Sibelius Scorch (plug-in). You will not be able to keep them as a PDF or any other computer file.
  • Sibelius Cloud Publishing has been developped in html5 and is hence compatible with all recent browsers and on all platforms natively (since 2014). The Sibelius Scorch plug-in tends to become obsolete, hence we strongly advise you to favor the use of the html5 solution, then fallback on the plug-in shall you really have the need to.

The musical world evolves : free scores to download or digital sheet music to print at home, find the guitar tablature, piano score (or any other instrument) you need ! Transpose, listen, print and play...

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How to get your digital sheet music ?

  • Once your order has been validated, you can access it in your account from your Order progress.
  • You can also at any time check your order progress with the Votre Compte button at the top right of your screen.

If you're not connected yet, please fill in the fields Login and Password, then click on OK


If you're already connected, click on See your order progress


  • In your order progress, please click on Vedere i dettagli dell'ordine
  • suivi
  • In your order details, please click on Stampabile to see your digital sheet music, then on html5 to use Sibelius Cloud Publishing (compatible with all recent browsers and all platforms), or on the Scorch plug-in shall you have the need to.
  • detail

  • imprimable

  • In both cases, to print your score, please click on the printer icon of the toolbar.
  • imprimante html5
  • imprimante Scorch
  • With html5, you will then see a screen detailing the terms of use of your digital sheet music. You can now click on Print. This will open your system's printing dialog box.
    Warning: Once you've clicked, your printout is considered as done, you will not get a second chance (you can only print as many scores as bought).

  • print html5
  • With the Scorch plug-in, clicking on the print icon will open your system's printing dialog box.
  • print Scorch

Sibelius Cloud Publishing and Scorch functionnalities

Sibelius Cloud Publishing and Scorch have the following functionnalities:

  • see and print digital sheet music ;
  • listen to the music in an interactive way (playback) ;
  • transpose your score.

The Scorch plug-in also allows you to modify the tempo of the playback. This option has not yet been implemented by Avid in Sibelius Cloud Publishing.

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The Scorch toolbar

Scorch toolbar
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Sibelius Cloud Publishing's installation

The Sibelius Cloud Publishing html5 solution does not require any installation.
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Scorch's installation

Windows (Internet Explorer)

Last Updated: Aug 21, 2013
Internet Explorer will automatically display a prompt to install Scorch underneath the browser address bar or at the bottom of the browser window :

ie install

Click 'Install' on this message to start the install. If you havenĺt seen the prompt, just refresh this page (press F5 key). Once the install has completed, please close and re-open Internet Explorer. In certain cases, you may have to restart your computer.

If youĺre having problems getting Scorch prompt to appear, please install the plug-in manually by downloading and running this file.

In some cases when you have Scorch already installed and you are trying to view sheet music in Scorch format on our website, Internet Explorer would prevent the sheet music from showing and will show this information bar :

ie allow

If this happens, just click 'Allow' button on the information bar and the sheet music should appear.

Windows (all other browsers)

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2013
To install Scorch on Windows (for Chrome, Firefox, Opera...), download the install file by clicking here and then click 'Run'.

Warning : In some instances after you install Scorch and then close and re-open your browser, the sheet music might still not be showing. In this case, please re-start your computer - this usually fixes the problem.

Mac (all browsers)

Last Updated: Aug 09, 2013
To start installing Scorch for Mac, click here then click ôOpenö and double-click on SibeliusScorch.pkg. Once the install has completed, please completely quit (Cmd+Q) and re-open your web browser.

Note :
The current release of Scorch is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 or later, Safari 6 or later, Mozilla Firefox 18 or later, Google Chrome. Not compatible with Safari 5.

Scorch compatibility

Linux users and Scorch

Last Updated : Jul 02, 2013
Unfortunately Avid currently has no plans to release a Scorch plug-in for Linux.

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Further assistance required ?

Contact us through this link. We will be delighted to reply.

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